This is David's Test Page

It is used to check out how the wiki platform has changed this year.

Some tasks to complete

This is how you enter random text. If you want to create your text in word, and then paste it over, it would be best to make sure that you save the file as a text only file. This will prevent the hidden formatting in word from messing up the formatting in the wiki.

To create a link you click on the button that looks like a chain link. No Zero Principal Speaks Out
Great Ideas on Formative Assessment in FA

You can paste your inserted widgit in different places on the page. Sometimes when you align on the left margin it poses formatting issues, so the right margin seems like a better

place for it. In the middle seems to claim the whole section of the page and then doesn't allow text toDSC_4439.JPG

Not really an assessment picture but . . .