Theory Into Practice Wiki

(Acknowledgement: this assignment has been adapted from a Theory Into Practice assignment developed by Dr. Marg Iveson at the University of Alberta.)

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a location for students in ED 3504 to develop and share professional resources related to teaching and assessment in the K-12 context.

If you are visiting this wiki in the hopes of finding resources or ideas for your classroom, you can navigate this wiki using the links on the sidebar or you can go to the Selected Topics page or to the Assessment For Learning Tools page which contain a more organized listing of topics included on this wiki.

Student assignments for Education 3504: Evaluation of Learning

Theory into Practice Wiki Page

Research one of the selected topics listed on the Selected Topics in Classroom Assessment page (or propose a topic of interest to you for approval). Find at least five articles, book chapters, web-based resources in current journals, or on reputed websites. Based on your research, develop a wiki page that both highlights a relevant issue related to classroom assessment, and that demonstrates how that theory/issue can be translated into practice.


The goal of this assignment is to introduce you to relevant academic and professional literature related to classroom assessment in the K-12 context. Through your engagement with this literature it is expected that you will develop and represent your awareness of current issues, approaches, and discourses in classroom assessment.

Content and Format

‍Think about your wiki page as a quick professional resource, one that you and your colleagues could go to for quick advice while planning a unit or preparing for a meeting. Your emphasis should be on developing a page that is practically oriented (while being theoretically grounded), easy to navigate, and visually appealing. Content should equal approximately three pages of formatted text.

You should think of your colleagues as your primary audience for your wiki.

Content should include a mix of the following: theoretical framework, context surrounding issue identified, teaching and assessment ideas, and teacher resources.

When self-assessing your wiki, your primary questions should be, "Would this wiki page be useful to my colleagues? Is this a page I would turn to if I was looking at short notice to plan a lesson or two on my topic?"


See timelines established in the course calendar.

Rubric and Individual Self-reflection

On the final due date, all students must submit their own self-reflection document. A copy of this document can be found here.

Rubric for this assignment can be found here.

Wiki Feedback Prompts

When deciding which wiki to respond to, please try to make sure that every group gets feedback. If the wiki page you are going to look at or comment on has lots of comments already, look through the list to see if there are other pages that have few or no comments and pick one of those instead. Thanks!

Log in to the wiki and read through 3 wiki pages that are not your own. After reading through the wiki, go to the discussion tab (for that wiki page, not the wiki home page) and answer the following questions:
1. The most helpful/interesting section of your wiki was . . . . because . . . . 2. Aspects of the wiki that confused me, or areas where I was hoping you would develop further were . . . . because . . . . 3. I found navigating your wiki to be . . . . . because . . . .